The Biomedical Imaging Informatics at Minho (BII@M) mission is to foster research, education and service in Medical Imaging. 

medical imagingOur modalities span from Magnetic Resonance, Axial Computer Tomography, Ecography, X-Rays, and Multimodal Integration of Neuroimaging Data. BII@M research includes basic science and clinical applications Our applied research foci also includes Cognitive Neuroscience. We maintain a community outreach program so as to be a source of expertise and authority on matters relating to imaging inthe community. We collaborate with other Departments, Schools, Research Centers and health institutions with active research projects in Science and Engineering, and encourage research and training links with other centers outside The University of Minho.

We are focusing on the following research tasks:

- Modeling - to translate medical problems into the language of mathematics;
- Simulation - to gain insight into processes;
- Identification - to obtain model parameters from noisy measurements;
- Optimization - for individual diagnostic and diagnostic process;
- Education - to guarantee that all health professionals be capable of working together with our patients and citizens to understand and meet their health care needs.